Friday, February 7, 2014

January Was

  1. My Supreme camp caps have been heaven sent to me because I've been too lazy to do my hair
  2. Finally I correctly programed my beloved calculator watch and set it as the right time, it's been coming in handy for its functional and aesthetic purposes
  3. My marigold and cactus American Apparel body suits that I got on sale have been favorites because they give me more energy to power walk through campus knowing I feel and look good
  4. I've been reading! Finally I got to start reading (I'm reading really slowly because I'm so busy) encouraged by buying this book at the thrift store because I recognized Susana's name from Girl Interrupted when the nurse repeatedly says her name. I've been enjoying it so much, it's my exact style of reading material.
  5. 5. My American Apparel shorts and pants collection which I've almost only been picking from in the last month from my garment rack
  6. My Coal beanie to "keep my head warm" (keep me from actually doing my hair
  7. Bob's Burgers which I've been absolutely obsessed with! I saw the table read of one episode after finishing all the episodes available on Netflix earlier in January and it re-instilled my obsession


This song which has been great for my mornings and these playlists I've made on my iTunes

Highlight from "Action Movies" playlist : Pinky's Dream Remix 
Highlight from "Black Dad Music" playlist : Pretty Thing (used in Wolf of Wall Street btw!)

Highlight from "Boyfriend" playlist : The Boy Is Mine

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