Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Romance

1. self made coat / aa shawl, thrifted sleepwear camisole, urban outfitters shorts
2. thrifted collared shirt, h&m camel sweater, american apparel easy jeans
3. american apparel lingerie and valentine candy

Well, my style is ~evolving~ again, I presume. A lot more of these dusty romantic colors and pairings. A lot more layering and significant colorways. I think there's power in these choices, ironically. They seem subtle but I like the amount of intention and attention they require but how easy they feel.  
Also, I had Starbucks for the first time in my life instead of actively avoiding it like I used to. GTF w/ whip cream (whatever, it was really really good). 

Nothing's new. School's been shitty and hectic but whose hasn't? 

I've been watching films to keep me calm especially in light of my classes this semester that involve watching violent films in order to discuss them in class (blegh). This is Goodbye First Love (2011) I'm not done with it but I'm enjoying it so far.

This is how I head my paper to give me something nice to look at and think about in the critical film class
 I'm pretty sure I've been letting Tavi from Style Rookie inspire my style again (geez I've been following her for so long)

And I genuinely would attribute my use of more color while maintaining whatever pretentious sense of minimalism I have to none other than: my continued Bob's Burgers marathons.

Too bad I've been sick but I'll listen to Beach House and look at pretty art
Romare Bearden, Untitled 

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