Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quick Sunday Haul

I thrift on Sundays and this is what I got, I'm so happy and I know I shouldn't, but I'll share!
1. American Apparel Crop Top (.99 cents)
2. Striped Skirt ($2)
3. Steve Madden heels $14 (Ross)
4. See through bag $3 gift from an open market. 

I can't believe my luck with all of these.

I expected the American Apparel shirt to be the normal price $3.99 but for whatever reason, it was $1. 
The skirt was half off because it was the color of the day.
The shoes had definitely been marked down because I saw them weeks ago and almost bought them but didn't because of the price. They're exactly what I've wanted. They remind me of the Prada heels Taghrid has.
The bag is huge, my style, the first thing I saw, and was the cheapest thing at the sale. It was a great Sunday.

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