Sunday, May 25, 2014


womp womp depression baby can't sew
stoop kid's afraid to leave his stoop

last time i uploaded it was about new york. i feel super distanced and detached. since then i've been unable to work creatively i don't remember why but i'm in a slump. i've restricted myself from shopping for 31 days, we're on day 7.
i accidentally almost went thrift shopping today but i stopped myself when i remembered

this leather skirt was the last thing i received (i have two gifted items still coming in the mail but i got them long before i decided no shopping and i obviously didn't buy them). 

the blue thread and serging are pretty much symbols of my failure at this point but things are looking up. it's not a big deal. i've been reading and rereading. i've been looking at pictures and planning. i've been saving and i know i can do it.

sorry this wasn't worth reading but i have exciting news coming soon!

american apparel easy sweater, leather mini skirt, lazyoaf peep toe socks

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  1. I feel you. I finally am starting to feel better as I always do around the last week of May// beginning of June-which is weird this year since I'm not even in school so that can't be it! But yeah, you will come out of this slump, soon. Look at how you are so creative even in this one post on your blog about how you are failing...these images are wonderful! not failing