Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Big Doll House (1971)

 "You're rotten Harry! You know why?! 'Cause You're a man! All men are filthy!"

(Spoilers, OITNB spoilers!!!!!) 
Certainly not a cinematic or artistic masterpiece Big Doll House is about a group of unreasonably attractive women in a Malaysian prison that don't want to be there, duh. We follow the lead Collier played by Judy Brown (glamorous redhead in blue in the second picture) through her experience and her friends and cell mates and see what's going awry in the prison.

I honestly just wanted to see Pam Grier when I woke up and this is what I randomly chose. I'm not mad I watched it for the color and fashion inspiration but they do trivialize rape which was disgusting and uncomfortable and the film is pretty pointless, really. There's no reason to anticipate that this film will be any different than you expect. Pam Grier's character named "Grear" (profoundly original, I know) says she's gay in jail because of a ~disease~ that can only be fixed by a ~real man~ in order to trick the creepy produce guys to do her a favor, there is definitely a rape scene, gratuitous violence etc. etc. 

I like the cockroach races because it reminded me of OITNB. I loved the "You're rotten, Harry!" speech Grear gives about men being shit. And obviously it's a treat for the eye (there is nudity but unless you're an 11 year old boy staying up late to catch HBO and cinemax porn it's nothing to look forward to). 

The acting is terrible which is fine because I wasn't expecting to be moved emotionally at all (you won't be). What I got out of this is makeup, color palettes, Pam Grier, and a reminder that movies in the 70s are insensitive and disgusting just like they're supposed to be.

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  1. The cinematography and "Grear" lol make this movie sound worthwhile. This movie sounds very campy and grindhouse. Both a good and a bad thing. Will put it on my list to watch. :)