Monday, June 30, 2014

Filming Out

 So I've been stepping outside my comfort zone as far as film and TV lately and I randomly found this cool coming of age film Submarine. I'm actually surprised I had never heard of it. It's really, really my style, actually. I'm (clearly) no movie reviewer and I refuse to spoil anything about this film because it's worth watching and "coming of age film" says a lot, enough really. Really great.
Nuit #1. Typical French art film! Tons of dialogue, a lot of people write it off as pretentious but I think it goes with the theme and the fact that it is a French film (whatever that means). I didn't finish because it was exhausting to watch and read so much while trying to critically analyze everything without time for breaks in between. I'll get back to it and give my thoughts though.


  1. Ahhh- Submarine is such a beautiful movie- we could put aside the scenery, color themes and the music because there's still an amazingly smart plot and super creative filmography (like how it's split up into parts). Nuit #1 seems really interesting, I've been kind of into French films lately (I just saw les amoures imaginaires and it was pure gold) so I'm excited to watch it.


  2. Hey! you popped up in the recommended videos on youtube and that's what led me here. I know this post is extremely old but I was looking through your blog (I'm a new blogger, I just posted my first post about an hour ago check it out :) ) anyway yeah this movie was so good. it was king weird and deep but at the same time not? lol anyway I totally love your style! keep posting videos and posts, please check out my blog! <3