Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fashion Squeek (NYFW '15)

 The Row

Eckhaus Latta
Dion Lee
Marc by Marc Jacobs (Katie & Luella's second)

I enjoyed a lot from the Row actually. Every angle of each garments is so sharp and luxurious but with such ease. I love the palette and the choice of shoes for not overpowering the looks. They remind me of the dream looks I wanted while in New York; like these are the elevated versions of the looks

Eckhaus Latta gave me a lot of Girlfriends vibes honestly-- It was Lynn looks, Toni vibes and Joan silhouettes tbh. I really enjoyed it. I love (my laptop screen interpretation of) the contrasting fabrics with the cuts. I feel the "I need to be in an air conditioned building serving warm, revealing, breezy, hot looks", which are my favorite looks. I really don't care about the function of these clothes (though I'm sure they're functional) because they're perfect looks. I also think the Bratz Dolls ace bandage twisted-ankle-esque footwear was the best choice.

Edun was familiar and hot

I loved that Dion Lee was a developed vision but very true to his signature work. It was a little toned down for me (for him) but I liked that the collection was thoughtful as sexy. I'd love to see the garments with a bit different, more powerful styling; but I love the strength the looks give the wearers.

We're all coming to the consensus that Marc by Marc did look reaaaally Comme des Garcons / Comme Shirt for junior girls overall but I liked it. 

I'm watching Calvin Klein as I post this and I'm being deeply touched by the choice of shoes and the back detailing. Other than that, I've yet to be moved significantly by NYFW

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