Thursday, September 25, 2014


life update and outfit info under the jump  

(Jil Sander ribbed tank, Comme des Garcons wallet, American Apparel Easy Jeans & American Apparel Scalloped Edge Heel, both in black)

I'm in the process of entirely "changing my life" as dramatic as that sounds. I've begun redecorating my room and I've been forcing myself to get involved on campus. I don't talk about school a lot here but I've been applying to transfer since the first semester and have been (only) accepted to other schools repeatedly but can't afford to attend. Needless to say, I don't have a very positive outlook on my university which is a pretty devastating, (bring on the overly dramatic reaction to not having top choice in one of the least accessible things on earth that I should be grateful to even have) really.

Anyway, I've replaced my bed and comforter and added remote controlled color changing lights with money from selling old American Apparel clothes (it adds up). I couldn't be happier. I thought the lights would be cool but they were therapeutic. I'm waking up happier and it's been one day. I bought art to hang up and don't have to rely on my "low on color ink" printer for prints of artists' work.
(bed sheets from ikea, lights from ikea, print from 1graphicaday)

 And for whatever reason (as a way of armoring or protecting myself emotionally, I assume) I wear all black with a motorcycle jacket to every after school on campus event. I've gotten involved in:
  • a photography organization that Canon gives dslrs to so we can give them to kids from local schools and help them photograph our university campus and learn about photography
  • the feminist organization on campus that holds events on campus (it's great)
  • the Dream Defenders (going to a meeting tonight!)
  • the annual on campus leadership convention
  • and I'm going to see a play this friday
  • jewelry making club
  • IF I CAN EVER FIND IT the fashion club on campus
This doesn't seem like much, but as a junior in university I haven't been on campus at night since a freshman class requirement. I absolutely abhorred and avoided this school but I'm glad to be getting into it.

I applied to LA Fitness (weird but I was interested) and got called back and offered an opportunity-- couldn't take it because of scheduling conflicts. Sucks. I've been really busy but really productive while I've been busy, but I work well under pressure. I really want time to be creative. Soon!

- Rian Phin


  1. :( I hope things start to look up, it's good to see you getting involved though, I am one of those people who wants to spend no more than the time I have to at school, and all black everything is the way to go! (praise Yeezus) Good luck with everything:)

  2. MMmm, getting involved in school is def rewarding no matter what. I sort of balked abt it too, but it's a good way to meet ppl & maybe see some new opportunities. Those clubs u joined seem like a good idea! I'm in my last semester at university & looking back i wish i would have put more effort into getting all i can out of this school, even though i don't love it. But no regrets! Here's to looking ahead, staying ~positive & therapeutic lights yes! (Also that bedspread is p cool)

  3. Just saw your video on tumblr of the new upcoming looks of 2015 and proud to say I have a new blog to look at. Totally in love with you!