Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Season Is It Even

I'm waiting for class to start and instead of finishing my assignment I just deleted about 1,500  400 pictures from my desktop. I found this one and realized I meant to post this in probably November or December. Here it is!

another massive life update after the jump

Except I don't even remember where I put the rest of the post I was preparing
I know the wallet is Comme, shoes are American Apparel and somewhere, everything else was probably on ssense. Oh well, I like the direction I was in!

Update: I got the job!

(pictured: me in the Unisex Oversized Cotton Fisherman Turtleneck the Petite High-Waist Jean and Wooden Heel Sandal by American Apparel, Jessica in the Rayon Baby Doll dress and Jellies by American Apparel, me in the Black Stretch Leather Bralette, Hologram Leather Mini Skirt, Woven Jellies, Boucle Shawl Cardigan by American Apparel)

my "work clothes" garment rack which is scary

my work locker

 I'm making more money (finally) and getting giant turtlenecks and shiny clothes. I also started a moleskine journal because I need to be that corny but I really like it! I talk to myself about work and love and sex and money mostly and I honestly read it back like a book (not that I'm interesting at all). I'm budgeting like it's nothing now. I haven't stopped budgeting. All I do is budget. I only have like $18 to spend on leisure this paycheck by the way (because I bought that turtleneck).

What else hmm... I haven't touched my sewing machine in months and month. On a positive note though, I became an officer in my university's chapter of Dream Defenders, I own a J.W. Anderson turtleneck, I was on American Apparel's tumblr  in sports wear which is hilarious. I've met people who know me from the internet at work, at the club, at school, etc. (yay!!!!!!!!!! weird!!!!!!!!) I had great grades last semester (straight A's) and I'm fulfilling myself as far as fashion goes.

I think I'm just posting this to have one more thing to do (I'm procrastinating this assignment too but). I like journaling, budgeting, making videos (cough), blogging, spending time with friends, working, going to school full-time, being an officer in an organization, being involved in other organizations (which I need to work on this semester), like I feel really fulfilled finally and I'm so glad! I knew I would.

Another deeper darker post coming soon

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  1. whooo, this is all so great. congrats on everything moving forward; that dress in the collage is beautiful.

    // kani