Thursday, April 2, 2015

Okay Like

I'm screaming at the top of my fucking lungs

I finally got my tattoo covered I wanna cry and I almost did, for reasons! Wait, before that, I have a lot to talk about

I'm charging my camera battery as I type because I'm trying to film a YouTube sewing video (the king is back!!! kidding). I'm horrible, I need to just grow up and film in this terrible lighting instead of "waiting". Did I mention I'm sewing again? I'm sewing again!!! HELP!!!!!

SO I'm still working and going to school full time, still on the Dream Defenders eboard (barely probably! Now playing Daniel Powter - Bad Day). Anyway though (because I'm over it) here's my tattoo. It's fuckin huge (mom's words).

 Every friend I've showed it to has only seen it crusty and scabby. I love it so who cares? The relief this tattoo has given me is not something I can explain.. It's really weird to never show your back ever for years because you made a goofball decision in high school. I was actually intentionally modest in high school but that's for later. It's all over now (haha can't wait to turn 25 and realize it isn't).

Also I mentioned a darker post to come last update, no clue what I was talking about (and glad!)

I think I look different. Shout out to hair dye! I don't know why (it's because Drake was wearing Bape) but life has turned around phenomenally. I had one of the worst weeks of my adult life last week (?) the week before (?). I  lost 20 pounds over the course of about 4 days from illness and stress.

I'll dump what I've been into media wise

Did I already mention that I fucking love Portlandia? I hate myself for avoiding it and writing it off. Definitely a "comfort" show.

Yesssss, ~fake deep film~ time. I liked Wetlands (pictured above). The cover art made me avoid it. Glad I didn't read or hear anything about it before watching. Watch it on a boring Sunday?

Joven Y Alocada (Young & Wild) was cool / interesting. I'm nerdy enough to watch any film about the internet or chatting or blogging (have you seen The Den?? Scary!!!!!). This isn't scary, it's a Chilean film about a 17 year old, the internet, sex. Watch it.

As far as fashion I'll do a separate post!
I realized literally (not "literally" the way that I use it, but genuinely, without exaggeration) all of my clothes are from American Apparel now. "I love my job :-)". So I'm selling a lot of them and relaxing on clothes shopping for a while.



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  2. Hey Rian, I think its super cool that you sew and whenever I watch your movie recommendations I fall in love! I nominated you for the Creative Blogger Awards and you can see the rules in the link. I love your blog. xx

  3. I came across your YouTube account and I was like omg this girl is cool, I wonder what her tumblr is, but I was already following you and then I found out that you wrote for rookie and I read your articles/diys weeks ago but I didn't know it was you , like girl your everywhere!!