Sunday, May 18, 2014

How Was New York?

 These are the instax mini photos I took while we were there. I think there are 29. I'm actually glad I decided to get the camera and 2 extra rolls of film. I know I was getting "what are you, a 16 year old white girl? an Urban Outfitters exclusive shopper? a tourist" vibes from getting it but I'm so glad I did. And I got it at Wal-Mart with two extra film rolls for less than it's sold other places for just the camera (like UO). So worth it.
Here are some souvenirs that I took back from New York.
Right Photo  Top Row: Fashion (fashion history book), Style Feed (fashion blogging book, Purple Fashion (remember I said I'd get it at B&N? well it was at the MoMA for $10 less!) Basquiat and Keith Haring Tees from the MoMA
Left Photo: From Fashion book
 First day we got pizza and went to the closest AA (I know) which was huge (there's a downstairs where everything is on sale)and bright.
These are the cameras I took along
Instax Mini in white was like $50 from Wal-Mart
Film disposable cameras were $7 from Wal-Mart

 Here's the shit we did! (Left) Super nice movie theater (you'll see below). Metrocard that the lovely Naia helped us get (I met Naia by the way)! Museum of Modern Art floor plan. (Right)Metropolitan Museum of Art Map and tickets, MoMA tickets, and the cool independent theater movie ticket (I really enjoyed that).
 Here's how I stored it all to take home as souvenirs

Alright so here are the iPhone photos documented throughout the trip

 on the plane ride there

 at the airport and on the way to the hotel
 got to the hotel / changed into a skirt that kept turning all the way around my hips as we walked *note to self don't wear a skirt that moves if you're walking all day

  pizza place + walking to American Two Shot to see Most Important Ugly and shop

 came home and dropped off my bags from shopping and changed to go to the really cool independent movie theater

went to sleep and woke up like dis. put on a comfortable outfit that would help me stand the cold (it was like 57-66 degrees or something) 

walked to the moma which was really fun because of the splendor in between

we thought the MoMA was closed (but knew it couldn't really be) because the front door was blocked off because of the left picture (an event) so we went to the design store and then found out outside that it was open 3 doors down. so i posed with weave?

 photo bombed
 got it!
 matisse and dali

 walked home after going to eat with naia (my phone died) at a great restaurant, riding the subway (hence metrocards) and sight seeing and then getting dinner. went to sleep and woke up
 "we're going to the statue of liberty" "no we're not!"

 so we went to Urban Outfitters which was huge after getting a great breakfast and sight seeing all morning 

 walked around more, went to TopShop

this was the really nice really cool theater! it was completely empty because it was early afternoon I guess? good for us! we saw Neighbors (I know)

this was where the theater was. and i think it was 3 or 4 flights of stairs up to finally get there. i had to pee so badly and i get into this nice building and i'm thinking "this isn't a movie theater, we're in the wrong place! now i'm walking up 4 flights of stairs just to be in the wrong place" but it was the right place, of course! it was really just that surprising (also there were men and women in business suits on the first few floors networking which lead me to believe it was wrong but it wasn't)

my phone kept dying so i couldn't take many (non film) photographs of what else we did but then i got on a plane and came back to my loving warm bed and blogged about it. i'll put the (disposable camera)  film up later! hope you enjoyed.

I did. I have so many thoughts about this trip and how it made me feel and what it made me think and I'm so so grateful I had the opportunity to do all that I wanted. I can't wait to go back, stay positive, and love earth

-- Rian

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