Monday, August 4, 2014


spitfire clear lenses | socks from boldsocks and ferrecciusa | black nixon watch | j.w. anderson white top | acne print button down | jeffrey campbell white sandals | nike roshe run | manila folder | illamasqua scorch nail polish | NARS pure matte lipstick in volga

Do people still make mood boards? Wishlists? I want this all and I'm getting it all, okay. I started making a list of things that made my outlook change and be more open and hopeful. I love 1graphicaday on tumblr and I love jackanthonyfernandez on tumblr for starters. I wrote a lot of personal shit on a paper about how my outlook changed and I think I'll post it later. 

Also! My hair is changing. It's actually dying as we speak and has been for 9 hours! I have no idea if that's what you're supposed to do but I guess we will see! I'll be posting more starting this month! School's starting and that's a terrible thing to commit to but I have a lot of hope for this year

-- Rian!

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